Windy day? No problem!

Giornata ventosa ? ecco i migliori  rifugi a pochi minuti dalla medina dove passare una giornata a bordo piscina Essaouira è meravigliosa e ci sono moltissime cose da fare e da vedere ma potrebbe capitare soprattutto in estate una giornata ventosa, se non siete amanti del kitesurf ecco i miei posti preferiti per godervi una giornata in relax totale immersi nella calma della campagna a pochi minuti dalla medina , si tratta di ville meravigliose con piscina dove è possibile mangiare . se è vero che il primo amore non si scorda mai Jardins de Douars è stata la mia prima esperienza e per…

Get inspired by Annalu’s days in Essaouira

My favourite moment is when finally I cross the Bab Sba door , I find all the colours , familiar smells brought by the wind Asma always comes to meet me at the medina than we walk together along the narrow streets until I see the gray ancient door , I just love the moment she gives me the key to open my door to my moroccan world . Once luggage are up on the rooms the vacation can start ! 1 ) I relax myself in the alcove in the living room by choosing the right light to enjoy…


The house was really beautiful and we enjoyed it very much. The location is very good en the rooftop balcony is a nice place to relax. Asma is helping around the house and made very nice breakfast and dinners (on request) for us. This was perfect after a day of surfing at the beach. Thanks for everything! Wiecher (Airbnb user)


We stayed at the Riad in April 2012 and received an excellent service from Annalisa from start to finish. It is clear that Annalisa and her brother Alessandro have put a lot of thought and a lot of work into decorating and finishing the Riad and the result is breathtaking. Each of the rooms are beautifully finished and furnished and whilst the Riad is very stylishly appointed, it has not lost its homely charm. KateMorgan0918, Tripadvisor user


“We couldn’t have made a better choice!” The inside of the riad, based in the heart of the souk, is absolutely fantastic, so don’t be put-off when you get to the entrance! Annalu dealt with everything brilliantly from arranging a taxi to pick us up at the airport to getting Asma, the local contact, to advise us on where to go and what to see – oh, and to tidy and make the beds daily. Would definitely recommend. B00tyb0y, Tripadvisor user

Mint tea

Ingredienti per il tè marocchino alla menta mezzo cucchiaio di tè verde una manciata di foglie di menta (possibilmente varietà “menta viridis”) zucchero di canna, a piacere Preparazione scaldare la teiera e versare le foglie di tè. Versarci sopra poca acqua bollente e ruotare velocemente, poi buttare via l’acqua facendo attenzione a non perdere le foglie di tè. Aggiungere menta e zucchero e irrorare con un litro di acqua bollente. Lasciare in infunsione per circa 5/8 minuti (più o meno forte). Eliminare le foglie di menta che galleggiano in superficie. Servire in bicchieri di vetro. Varianti E’ una bevanda estremamente…


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Mint tea

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El Maâllem Mahmoud Guinia

El Maâllem Mahmoud Guinia (Guinea) Born in Essaouira 1951 – 2 August 2105 The Splendid Master Gnawa Musicians of Morocco. “Maâllem Mahmoud Guinia” ( محمود ﯕينيا‎) The Gnaoua instruments : – 3 stringed percussive lute (guembri) – Large metal castanets (qraqeb) – Drums (ganga) Maâllem Mahmoud Guinia (the King) orGania (actual spelling in passport). He is the son of the late Maâllem Boubker Gnaia, and his two brothers Abdelah andMokhtar are also distinguished maâllemin (masters). The Gania Family does also include Zaida Gania, who is a very popular medium and clairvoyant at the nights of trance (leelas) as well as…