My favourite moment is when finally I cross the Bab Sba door , I find all the colours , familiar smells brought by the wind

Asma always comes to meet me at the medina than we walk together along the narrow streets until I see the gray ancient door , I just love the moment she gives me the key to open my door to my moroccan world .

Once luggage are up on the rooms the vacation can start !

1 ) I relax myself in the alcove in the living room by choosing the right light to enjoy the atmosphere, the right music is already on while I sip my first mint tea

2 ) I call Azur art and Spa and I reserve Hammam Tradition and 1 hour massage , the right holiday does not start until I have the hammam in this beautiful and chic tiny spa my second home a little padise where they make you feel cocooned and happy. The service is absolutely perfect and friendly Maison A guests have 10% discount

Never forget to book a good and cozy restaurant, over the years Essaouira has built a solid reputation for the wide variety of food and different atmosphere but my first choice always goes to the Elizir, where food, interior decoration and music make it an unforgettable experience. Latif, the owner and executive chef always makes sure to serve the serve fresh local organic ingredients with a touch of international cuisine. Great food Music, interesting people, make Elixir an unforgettable place to be in Essaouira.

3 )watching the sunset from the terrace overlooking the Ocean and and the Medina would definitely accounts as one of my favourite spend time. Time can fly as the sound of the sea and the voices of the medina make my day worthwhile, the stress of the city already a far memory..and the blue sky is one of my favourite “sport “ I can spend hours on the higher terrace if is too windy I stay in bed in the gray room , there is a secret window from where you can watch the sky and the seagulls .

4 ) the welcome aperitif is a must ! I can decide to enjoy it at home asking ( in advance ) Asma to prepare her fantastic Brinouates or mini Pizza’s opening a bottle of my favourite moroccan red wine Eclipse. There is also a good alternative and in just 5 minutes walking I’ get to the Taros, another must in the village: Live music, great mojito and an amazing terrace make this Taros a real legend. Another option can be the chic and calm bar of the mythic Heure Bleu Hotel ( Relays et Chateaux ) for the best cocktail you can dream of my favourite is the Kir Royale , is like entering in a magic door away from the rush of the medina .

5 ) breakfast at Maison A is always a surprise, the elegant white table impeccably set by Asma , all I have to do is to open the mini white tajines and find : orange jam , the real amlou ( the moroccan “natural nutella” made with almonds, Argan and honey ),

honey and goath cheese, freshly squeezed smoothies, a perfect coffee made with a real italian moka ( after all we are italians!), hard to resist to the famous Pain au chocolate from Driss the oldest bakery in town …..a moroccan crepe ? why not !

6 ) a second coffee is worth it before a walk at the beach no other place better than the italian bar Dolce Freddo at the square , the view of the skala du Port and the sea , the every day life that takes place right under your eyes ….

this is the place where all residents at least once a day just have a seat and relax having a real italian ice cream but now ….. ciao I have to go

7 ) now more excuses ! the Ocean Vagabond is calling a 15 min walking at the beach will take me to one of my favourite places a beach but more than that , nice music , nice food and a chic surf atmosphere that I just love this place !

8 ) time to go back home but first I Must see the new creations of my talented jewel designer Stefano , hard not to be tempted by his elegant , alternative rings : coral , pearls , silver, diamonds , this time I choose a chain made with pearls and black stones …… this Neapolitan guy knows women no doubts !

The perfect vacation : Pilates, yoga and belly dance available at home with a fantastic teacher

meet my new friend Kemia a spanish skilled ballerina

I always wanted to start pilates and try the belly dance eventually on the Maison A Terrace and finally Kemia arrived ! she is a great skilled teacher and she leaves next door of the riad ,

gotta start and your body will boost the

energy after 1 hour of lesson .

After on hour of mat work that I usually do around at 14.00 ( but is possible to agree a different schedule) , I walk to the beautiful Place aux grains to eat at YOO a fantastic place where you can eat vegetarian and organic sandwiches , tasteful salads super fresh juices perfect after a Pilates lesson.