Sidi Kaouki is located at 25 km south from Essaouira, on the road to Agadir. This little village opens the way to the south surf spots in the Berber region. Sidi kaouki was built around an ancient mausoleum that believers used to visit while a former pilgrimage. Today, surfers and windsurfers perpetuate this tradition.
Surf à Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki, Maroc
Thanks to the diversity of surf spots and its beautiful landscapes, the best option for free surf and surf classes in the region of Essaouira is, definitely, Sidi Kaouki. The mausoleum beach break is a good alternative for surfing with a little and medium swell. Some nice slabs also border the one-kilometre beach. On one side is « Trestles », so named by Cory Lopez and the O’neill team. On the other side, curving with relief, some aligned points and reefs, protected from wind by a wooded hill, offer some nice barrels for tricks. Filtered by aligned outside reefs and smoothed by a bottom covered with seaweeds, the waves unroll here glassy or, at worst, off-shore with medium or big swell.