360° view of the terraces

The Terraces are “the eyes” of the house overlooking the skyline and the constant life of the medina are created on three levels: the first terrace is the most intimate, protected from prying eyes, at the 4 corners of the terrace as if they were cardinal points there are our 4 beautiful bedrooms and a table for lunch in the sun or for the last evening chats with friends before going to sleep.

The second level is accessible by climbing a steep staircase inevitable in a Moroccan riad , this terrace is dedicated to relaxation and “dolce far niente” lying in the sun and reading a good book on the large sofa bed designed to sunbathe comfortably.
Few steps up there is the highest terrace where a 360 ° breathtaking view over the medina will make you feel on a ship’s bridge where gliding sea gulls are playing with the sea breeze….. it is just spectacular to see how brave they are!
The afternoon spent on comfortable sofas having a mint tea in the upper terrace will make you discover the secret life of the medina: women hanging their colored laundry and living their everyday life, childrens chasing pigeons, unexpected animals living on the terraces nearby, beautiful cats stretching in the sun reminding you that in Africa life is slow so relax and enjoy.